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See what people are saying about tyPad.


"...for those who don't like pecking out messages on their sleek iPad screen, how 'bout a case with a built-in keyboard? Accessory Workshop makes the tyPad."

~Julia Boorstin, Host of MSNBC's Tech Check.
"...a compact alternative to the iPad's touch screen."
~Judi Dash, Special Reporter to the LA Times


"If you want to get a little more deluxe, for a hundred bucks, you have something called the tyPad where you could actually have this beautiful rubberized keyboard...."

~Bruce Pechman, "Muscleman of Technology," for KUSI TV's Good Morning San Diego

"Pimp out your iPad to a fully functional laptop with a touch screen...."
~Brian Tong, Host/Editor for The Apple Byte, CNET TV.


"...the must-have accessory for anyone who’s got an iPad out there."

~Ken Gibbs on Tech Life, Black Enterprise Television.
"It’s made well, looks nice and adds a very convenient feature to your iPad for those times when typing with a physical keyboard may be easier or more comfortable than with the on-screen touch keyboard."
~ Julie Strietelmeier, Owner and Editor in Chief, The Gadgeteer.

"Here is an amazing gadget which will enhance your iPad experience by giving it the power of Qwerty."

~ Namit Gupta for Calling all Geeks.
"I'm perplexed by my enjoyment of something called the tyPad. It's a gadget case, but one with a few tricks up its sleeve, that's making me seriously consider covering up--my iPad at least."

~ Josh Lowensohn for CNET.



"Pretty shnazzy."

~ Josh Spear, blogger and trendsetter.

"Do you miss your laptop when you’re out and about with your iPad? tyPad can make you feel better."

~ Gadgetboy, The Magical Tablet.