Why tyPad™?
We at Accessory Workshop are iPad's™ biggest fans.  After all, iPad is (excuse the pun) the Mac-Daddy of Apple® devices.  iPad is ultra-portable, lightweight, and incredibly dynamic.  It's fast. It's powerful. It's one-of-a-kind and truly out-of-this-world.  Kind of like Superman.  We dig it.  In fact, we dig it so much that we developed the original tyPad. And we loved that so much that we designed a new-and-improved tyPad with a host of brand new features (dual shift keys, faster charging time, increased battery capacity, just to name a few).

Our all new tyPad is a super-sleek leatherette case with a built-in Bluetooth® wireless keyboard.  It's designed to enhance your iPad experience. We like to think of tyPad as the Clark Kent to iPad's Superman.  You know, the mild mannered guy in the corny glasses?tyPad's here to up the ante on your iPad adventure.

tyPad's built-in Bluetooth keyboard facilitates faster, easier typing.  This means less screen-smudging and mis-types. It also means re-claiming full screen space.  When typing with the iPad alone, you lose a good portion of your screen view. With tyPad, you lose nothing.  That's what I call a screen saver.

In the world of boxing, tyPad would be a featherweight. Weighing in at just under 20 ounces,  it's much lighter than a laptop.  But here's the one-two punch. tyPad isn't a laptop.   A laptop has a hard case and a bulky design.  typad is soft, flexible, and hinge-free.  It has no backbone.  Literally.  You can use it like a laptop, flip it over on its side, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy.  Ever rest a laptop on your lap when you type? Remember how hot and uncomfortable it can get? With tyPad, you won’t be a sweaty Betty or Freddy.

What's more, with tyPad, there's no need to go out and buy a travel case to protect your device.  tyPad is self-contained in its own reinforced housing, specially designed for your iPad.  For one price, you get a keyboard and protective case all-in-one. Plus, with our new non-magnetic closure, there’s no interruption of iPad’s compass!

tyPad also gives you the choice to use your iPad how you want to use it, when you want to use it.  Feel like turning off the keyboard and switching over to the touch screen? Go right ahead, just press one key. What's more, taking your iPad in and out of tyPad's case is a cinch.  Your iPad slides in and out like a glove.  And you never have to take your iPad out of tyPad if you don't want to.  

Oh, and back to that keyboard. It's outfitted with several built-in shortcut keys to make life a little easier. You can access iPad's Home Screen and Search functions in one keystroke.  There’s also some useful media keys to make movie-viewing more convenient. And now with the improved keyboard which provides better feedback and faster typing.

With tyPad, your iPad remains the superhero -  tyPad isn't the one with the big muscles and all the fancy apps.  tyPad’s Clark Kent, remember?  Here to save your touch screen typing experience from Kryptonite hell, so that maybe just this once, you get the fame, recognition, and even the girl.  Well, maybe not all that, but you will get more out of your iPad. Simple as thatTM. Isn't that all you wanted anyway? 

See for yourself why tyPad is different from most laptops.  Here’s the one-two punch:

tyPad               vs.       Traditional Laptop

Sleek, lightweight design.
Bulky with hard exterior shell.
Comes with built-in protective case at no added cost.
Carry case is usually sold separately.
The Bluetooth keyboard turns on or off at the touch of a button and changing over from one typing method  to the next is a cinch.  You can switch from keyboard or touch screen mode as you see fit. 
Most laptops have a built-in keyboard that can't be turned on or off at the touch of a button.
tyPad can rest comfortably on your lap without generating excess heat or discomfort as you type.
Laptops often make you hot and uncomfortable if you rest them on your lap for an extended period of time.
Your iPad slides in and out of tyPad easily so you can use tyPad when you want to or set it aside when you dont want to use it. Best of all, you never have to take your iPad out of tyPad if you dont want to.
With most laptops, what you see is what you get. You have limited choices as far as options for use are concerned.
The one-piece design is perfect for travel and easy to carry. There are no snaps or buttons anywhere on the device.
Many laptops require additional travel accessories (carry case, adaptor, etc.) that can weigh you down at airport security checkpoints.
tyPad device has no hinge--it's flexible for multiple viewing positions.
The hinged design makes a laptop less maneuverable and harder to use in different positions.